Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wow Time Flies!

  Its time to update my blog once again, it is 2015, wow where has the time gone?  We just celebrated my daughter Natalie's 8th Birthday in November.  Christmas came quickly right around the corner, and now it is a new year! Pictures soon to come, I need to slow things down and enjoy my two sweet little daughters before they soon grow up!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

First time fishing!

I took my girls fishing at mann's lake here in lewiston for the first time last Friday! We had a good time Natalie caught her first fish (catfish) and was thrilled.  We got bitten by a few mosquitos and only were out about an hour due to an oncoming storm but, overall had a good first fishing experience!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Start of summer!

  Summer has officially begun, Natalie finished kindergarten and now is a first grader!  Isabelle will soon be old enough for preschool.  The warm weather/summer activities have officially started.  Last week we enjoyed the circus with grandma C., and had a blast. We have also broken out the slip and slide, so much fun! 
  This year have also planted a small garden, tomatoes, strawberries, and some various flowers.  I am also trying to start seed some squash and melons.  This is a new adventure, although I do have some gardening experience, I have never had any luck growing things at the home we live at now. (Limited space and clay soil)  So the girls and I are excited to see if our plants take. More adventures and blogging to come!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Growing Chickens

 As our new hens are approaching two months old they are growing super fast.  I can't wait till there coop is all together and they get busy laying eggs!  Right now I have the outside in the fenced part of my yard in a large wire cage during the day, then as the sun starts to set I bring them back in doors to sleep the back outside first thing in the morning.  They have been pretty entertaining, just to sit back and watch there antics.  We are enjoying this first experience raising chickens, my girls and I love being out side with them.  Working in the yard is fun with some "yard work helpers" the chickens are always on the hunt for bugs or interesting foliage.  Here are a few photographs I took today.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Newest members of our family!

  Last month we couldn't resist these super sweet four buff orpington chicks.  The baby pullets are growing up overnight and soon will need to be moved outside to a coop.  They now are approaching a month old and have most of their feathers.  The girls and I named them Buffy, Dot, Becky, and Goldie.  I'm hoping they will start laying eggs for the family in a few months, this had been a neat learning experience for me and my kids. They are so entertaining to just watch and are turning out to be quite gentle and easy going.